Greenleaf Center Programs


The Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership at Seton Hall University provides individuals with opportunities from its five core programs.

Greenleaf Academy

The Center currently offers an opportunity to learn about the principles and practices of servant leadership through an online learning experience. Participants can select among three course options:

  • Foundations of Servant Leadership
    • An introduction to the legacy of  Robert K. Greenleaf, and the fundamentals of the principles and practice of servant leadership.
  • Tailored and Private Consultations 
    • Consultative arrangements are available for organizational partners seeking to inculcate the philosophy of servant leadership throughout their workplace culture.

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Greenleaf Scholars

A signature effort of the Center since 2009, Scholars are selected annually from a national applicant pool of advanced graduate students, pre-tenured faculty, and early-career practitioners. Each cohort receives individual awards of $2,500 grants to conduct research in the area of Servant Leadership.

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Coffee With Webinar Series

Launched in January of 2021, the Coffee With Webinars were created to introduce rich programming and content to members and invited guests on a monthly basis. The series provides an opportunity to showcase the inspirational stories of servant-leaders Each guest has deepened our understanding of the promise of this leadership philosophy and the endless ways in which organizations and society can be transformed for the better.

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Next Generation Initiative

A unique experiential learning opportunity designed to immerse high school students in the concept of servant leadership. NGI places a particular emphasis on the characteristics and practices that support the development of young people in assuming lives of service.

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Robert K. Greenleaf Public Policy Lecture

The vision of the Lecture is to create a viable opportunity to assess societal challenges through the lens of Robert Greenleaf’s credo of building a more just and caring society. Designed to convene thought leaders and issue experts from a range of sectors, this gathering will enable the examination of policy alternatives that hold promise to address the needs of the least privileged and those on the margins of society.

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