Next Generation Initiative

The Next Generation Initiative (NGI) is designed to introduce the principles and practice of Servant Leadership to high school and campus leaders across the country.

Learning Objectives

A unique experiential learning opportunity designed to immerse students in the concept of Servant Leadership, NGI places a particular emphasis on the leadership philosophy’s characteristics and practices that can lead to creating a more just and caring society. Participants are supported as follows:

  • Becoming more familiar with the concept and practice of Servant Leadership
  • Engaging and interacting with exemplars of Servant Leadership
  • Enhancing critical thinking skills
  • Enhancing listening skills
  • Enhancing writing skills
  • Forming positive, mutually reinforcing peer relationships

Program Components

  • Interactive sessions on the principles and practices of Servant Leadership
  • Opportunities to meet inspirational leaders who have led careers and lives of service
  • Culminating group project on service
  • Certificates for completion
  • Book scholarships

Program Partners

Orange Ambassadors of Service


The Center has just completed a pilot program with the Orange Public Schools known as the Orange Ambassadors of Service (OAS). The program took place during April 28 – June 2 and consisted of six sessions. Every meeting entailed a discussion on the characteristics of Servant Leadership, including such examples as listening, empathy, and building community. The conversations were led by role models who were also referred to as Servant Leader Exemplars. The Exemplars touched upon ways in which the characteristics can be applied to their everyday lives. The pilot’s Exemplars included:

  • Fred Sullivan, Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church
  • Phyllis Bindi, Chief, East Orange Police Department
  • Dwayne D. Warren, Esq., Mayor, City of Orange Township
  • Lolita Cruz, Chief of Staff, Assemblyman Tom Giblin’s office
  • James Ham, Country Director, Peace Corps South Africa
  • Lyle Tard, Founder and CEO, IMPACT Servant Leadership

The Orange Ambassadors of Service press release is available here.

Seton Hall University’s Upward Bound

The next phase of NGI will take place this summer in partnership with Seton Hall University’s Upward Bound Program. The sessions will take place from July 6 – August 6. Participants will include rising seniors and will learn about the principles and fundamentals of Servant Leadership over a four week period. Similar to the OAS pilot program, they will meet and interact with Servant Leader Exemplars. In addition to receiving a certificate of completion students will have a chance to earn one college credit in support of their pursuit for higher education.