The Foundations of Servant Leadership

This course examines the philosophy of Robert K. Greenleaf, the significance of servant leadership, focuses on the everyday principles of Servant Leadership and suggests strategies by which to apply these principles.

Facilitated by Isabel Lopez

Tuition $400.00 (All required course texts at registrants expense, can be purchased here


Phone group sessions will occur on the following dates from 12pm to 2:00 pm and December 20th, 12pm to 1:30 EST:  October 25th, November 8th, December 6th, December 20th 2018


To receive a Certificate in “Foundations of Servant Leadership”, the participant must:

  • Participate in wiki collaborative website and group phone discussions
  • Read required texts and other assigned readings about servant leadership
  • Write and submit a short paper (8-10 pages) reflecting content mastery
  • Contribute in five (5) group discussions via telephone conference calls with facilitators and other participants*
  • Share insights and learning using the course wiki collaborative website

*NOTE: Participants may make up one (1) missed phone group discussion;  Participants who miss more than one group discussion are not eligible to receive a course completion certificate.

COURSE READINGS: Required: (All required course texts at registrants expense, can be purchased here)

Robert K. Greenleaf’s 3 major essays: The Contemporary Servant as Leader, The Institution as Servant and Trustees as Servants

Don M. Frick, Robert K. Greenleaf: A Life of Servant Leadership (Berett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., 2004)

Kent M. Keith, The Case for Servant Leadership (Greenleaf Center, 2008)

Please choose at least one of the following readings for the final class (You may purchase titles from the Greenleaf bookstore):

Isabel Lopez, The Wisdom of Servant Leadership (Greenleaf Center, 2012) – can be purchased through link above

Robert K. Greenleaf, Old Age: The Ultimate Test of Spirit (Greenleaf Center, 1987)

Robert K. Greenleaf, Education and Maturity (Greenleaf Center)

Robert K. Greenleaf, My Debt to E.B. White (Greenleaf Center, 1987)

Alternatively, you may choose to purchase Robert K. Greenleaf, The Power of Servant Leadership, (Greenleaf Center, 1998) which includes the three Greenleaf essays as well as many more. – can be purchased through link above