A Message from Our CEO

Pat Falotico

I returned from a fulfilling trip to San Diego, having participated in the Servant Leadership Institute’s Servant Leadership Annual Conference (*) early Thursday morning only to find daffodils in bloom in my front yard.  The harbinger of spring was a welcomed sight.  After this winter, I look forward to Spring with great anticipation and hope.

Hope is transformative.   It allows us to dream, aspire, to believe.  It is required when we set off on a journey to a place we’ve longed to visit.  How do these words make you feel: hope, dream, aspire, believe, longing?  I feel optimistic because hope unlocks possibilities.

In the business world we are often told that “hope is not a strategy”.  That is true.  We must have a solid strategy to achieve our goal.  The goal, however, was formed by hope.  The strategy must also be fueled by hope. How else can we maintain the energy needed to succeed?

The Servant-leader dreams the goal and sets a direction.  The Servant-leader guides others on the uncertain and possibly dangerous journey to the destination.  The Servant-leader keeps a sustaining hope alive.

With the beginning of Spring, what do you hope for?

(*) For my reflections on the SLI conference, please review my tweets @patfalotico or @greenleafcenter

In the spirit,
Pat Signature