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Hewitt Associates, May 2004.

According to this Hewitt study, companies who have achieved double-digit growth have higher levels of employee engagement than those with single digit growth. The research is based on data from the firm’s engagement database, which represents four million employees. Hewitt defines engaged employees as those who speak highly of their employers to coworkers, refers potential employees and customers, wishes to remain with their organization despite opportunities to go elsewhere, and exerts discretionary effort in their work.

Among the study’s key findings:

  • The leaders of double-digit-growth companies are more effective at instilling pride and engendering a growth mindset in employees.
  • Double-digit-growth companies are passionate about creating a positive working environment and culture.
  • The senior leaders of double-digit-growth companies have a higher level of engagement than their single-digit-growth counterparts.
  • Double-digit-growth companies provide more opportunities and support for development.
  • Employees of double-digit-growth companies exhibit greater connectedness to their business, its performance and its leadership.
  • Double-digit-growth companies have a higher ratio of engaged employees and lower ratio of disengaged employees.
  • Double-digit-growth companies show a greater tendency to solicit feedback from employees and they do so more frequently.