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Eight Out of 10 Remote Contractors Feel They’re an Integral Part of Their Employers’ Team
An oDesk survey finds that 87 percent of remote contractors feel they are an integral part of their employers’ staff. Read on to see why.

Charismatic Leadership Can be Learned and Measured
If you want employees to perceive you as charismatic, you need to display certain attributes which, as it turns out, can be learned and measured.

Effective Senior Leadership and Strategies Depend on Leaders at All Levels of an Organization 
A study finds that successful senior leadership depends on the collective effectiveness of other leaders throughout the organizational hierarchy.

Price Tag for Small Firms That Don’t Fix Inefficient Communication: $5,000 Per Employee, Per Year 
A study finds that companies with 100 employees in this scenario could be losing as much as $500,000 per year. Read on for five areas of focus to reduce this figure.

Degrees of Separation Affect Innovation and Creativity 
A study finds that companies that network and form strategic alliances are more creative and develop more patented inventions than those that don’t.

Two Inexpensive Strategies to Improve Corporate Training 
A study finds that self-coaching and anonymous feedback from subordinates can strengthen the lessons of classroom management training.

Strong Correlation Between Low Engagement and Employee Turnover 
Research by Segal/Sibson finds that worker productivity increases and employee turnover decreases when employees are engaged at work.

Generation Gap Leads to Changes in Customer Service 
Research from Wartburg College finds that a demographic shift in the U.S. and changing societal values will cause a veritable customer service train wreck by 2010.

Empowering Leaders Not Always Best for New Business Ventures 
A study finds that in certain business environments the directive leadership style can be more effective than the empowering leadership style.

Hurricane Preparedness Good for Employee Morale 
Research by Florida State University examines how the implementation of hurricane preparedness plans affects employee well-being and willingness to participate at work.

Wisdom at Work: The Importance of the Older and Experienced Nurse in the Workplace 
A report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation notes that retaining older nurses is one important strategy for stemming the national nursing shortage.

Key trends in human capital – A global perspective 2006
A report by Saratoga provides an analysis of key HR trends facing global businesses. The analysis encompasses data from over 15,000 organizations across a range of industries.

Teams today – taking the strain 
A report published in the journal of Ashridge, a UK-based business leadership school, has identified several key factors as crucial to the success of teams working in complex environments.

Even Good Employees Act Up if Supervisors Mistreat Them 
According to a Journal of Applied Psychology study, even model employees can become negative and unproductive if their bosses are rude or mean-spirited.

Beyond the individual victim: Linking sexual harassment, team processes and team performance
According to an Academy of Management Journal study, unwanted sexual attention in the workplace can negatively affect team performance and ultimately the bottom line.

TNS/Conference Board Report on Employee Engagement and Commitment
According to a report from the Conference Board and TNS, businesses will soon be tested by a more polarized, diverse and increasingly disengaged workforce.

Employee Engagement Higher at Double-Digit Growth Companies
According to this Hewitt study, companies who have achieved double-digit growth have higher levels of employee engagement than those with single digit growth.

Measuring More Than Efficiency
According to this Conference Board survey of 104 human resources professionals, 84 percent predict that their firms will increasingly track and use human capital measures over the next three years.

Spherion Employment Report
According to this survey from Spherion, 76 percent of employees feel secure in their jobs and 38 percent report that they are likely to seek new employment in 2005.

Generational Differences
According to this Society for Human Resource Management survey, the most common intergenerational office conflicts are over work hours and organizational hierarchy.

Engage Employees and Boost Performance
According to this report by the Hay Group, many employees lack the motivation to maximize their performance, because they don’t find their work engaging.

A New Competitive Advantage: Seven Lessons from Outstanding Employers
This Hay Group report details commonalities among companies on FORTUNE magazine’s “Best Companies to Work For” list.

Improving Your Organization’s Speed and Agility
This Hewitt study reports that CEOs are striving to improve organizational speed and agility as a result of intense market pressures generated by customer demands, competition and the fast pace of business today.

Measures that Matter
According to this Ernst & Young report, institutional investors consider a number of non-financial factors when making decisions, including the ability to attract talented people.

The Employee-Customer-Profit Chain at Sears
This Harvard Business Review article details how Sears accomplished a major performance turnaround and implemented the metrics to measure it.