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Professional Development Spending Most Effective When Tied to Career Advancement Opportunities
A study finds that employees feel little compulsion to stay with an employer that provides professional development if they don’t see any career advancement opportunities.

Employee Development Spending Linked to Retention
Companies that have made professional development cuts may want to start re-investing in their most valued employees if they want to keep them, according to a study.

Bad Bosses Tolerated if They’re Productive
A new study by University of Iowa researchers supports the notion that supervisors who are productive have a long leash when it comes to bad behavior.

Eight Leadership Skills Essential to HR Leaders
SHRM finds that eight skills are common among successful senior human resources leaders.

Cracking the Code of Effective Innovation 
A study finds that specific combinations of organizational size and styles are dictating innovation success today.

New Way to Develop, Support Products May Boost Profits 30 Percent 
A paper by researchers at Washington University makes the case that firms that invest in R&D could improve long-run profitability up to 30 percent or more.

Two-Thirds of Entrepreneurs Born Not Bred 
A survey by Northeastern University finds that 62 percent of entrepreneurs in the U.S. claim “innate drive” is the number one motivator in starting their own venture.

Why Drinkers Earn More Money Than Nondrinkers 
A report by the Reason Foundation finds that drinkers earn 10 to 14 percent more money at their jobs than nondrinkers and men who drink socially.

More Companies Turn to Workforce Planning to Boost Productivity 
An aging workforce and an emerging “baby boom” retirement wave are driving more companies toward “strategic workforce planning,” The Conference Board reports.

Breaking down the language barrier to reduce workplace injuries 
The number of Hispanic workers in the U.S. construction industry has been steadily increasing, and language and cultural barriers have sometimes arisen on the job site, according to research by Iowa State University.

Leadership skills linked to volunteerism 
According to Power Skills research conducted for Womens Way, critical business skills like problem solving, coaching/mentoring and public speaking are developed and improved through volunteerism.

Employers Need to Focus on ‘Top Seven’ Drivers of Employee Engagement and Retention to Improve Organizational Success 
According to this joint study by WarrenShepell and Canadian HR Reporter, employers need to address seven top indicators if they want to improve their level of employee engagement.

High Performance Workforce Study 2004
According to this Accenture survey of executives, most business leaders believe that their workforces lack the key organizational capabilities needed to address critical marketplace challenges.

CEO Challenge 2004
According to this Conference Board report, 88 percent of the global business leaders surveyed said that “speed, flexibility, and adaptability” were top priorities for their companies.

The Leader Makers
According to this Hewitt study of 240 public and private companies, there is a correlation between leadership development and financial performance.

eHR: e-Learning in the Knowledge Economy: Industry Outlook and Implications for Business
This study is part of Watson Wyatt’s larger research project on the effectiveness of electronically based human resources management tools.

Building A Quality HR Organization at General Electric
This article, written by a GE HR executive, provides an interesting and informative example of a top company’s approach to valuing its employees.

Creating Value and Enhancing Retention Through Employee Development
According to this Princeton Survey Research Associates study, employees don’t feel their loyalty is reciprocated by their employers.