Workers Say Wellness Programs a Primary Motivator, Productivity Driver
A survey finds 4 in 10 workers say wellness benefits motivate them to work harder and improve productivity through increased energy.

Employers That Don’t Intervene to Curb Workers’ Bad Health Habits Incur More Costs

The findings of the Sun Life Canadian Health Index may help you cut costs related to absenteeism, drug claims and disability.

Walking, Biking to Work Linked to Lower Blood Pressure 
A study that appears in the Archives of Internal Medicine finds that walking or biking to work is positively associated with fitness levels in men and women.

Wellness Program Enrollment Rates Vary by Industry 
A study by Gordian Health Solutions finds that enrollment rates in wellness and health coaching programs vary significantly by industry sector.

Health Screenings: Majority of Employees Overweight 
An analysis of workplace health screenings by Kronos finds that 65 percent of employees are overweight or obese.

Smaller Companies Value Wellness Programs, Fall Short on Implementation 
A report reveals gaps between business owner/decision maker beliefs about wellness and employee benefits programs and actual business practices.

Stress Intervention Programs Work 
A study in the journal Hypertension finds that workplace intervention programs can significantly reduce stress on the heart.

Obese Workers More Likely to Take Short-Term Disability 
A study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine finds that workers who are obese or overweight are more likely to go on short-term disability leave.

Bipolar Disorder Exacts Twice Depression’s Toll in Workplace 
A study in the American Journal of Psychiatry finds that bipolar disorder costs twice as much in lost productivity as major depressive disorder.

Job Stress Elevates Blood Pressure 
A study in the American Journal of Public Health finds that working in highly stressful jobs can increase your blood pressure.

Creating Luxury, Enduring Pain: How Hotel Work is Hurting Housekeepers 
A recent study couples new research with the stories of hotel housekeepers to paint a dramatic picture of the work involved in the hotel and hospitality industry.

Meetings At Work Decrease Employee Well-being, But Not For Everyone
A study on the effects of meetings on worker well-being reveals some surprising dynamics behind modern meeting mania, with broad implications for the effects on morale and productivity.

Domestic Violence’s Big Workplace Impact
A study shows domestic violence has a much bigger impact in the workplace then previously thought.

AMA 2004 Survey on Health and Wellness Programs
According to this survey by the American Management Association (AMA), more companies are promoting wellness among their employees.

Cost Benefit Analysis and Report 1979 to 2000
While many worksite wellness programs result in significant savings, there are concerns that these savings are being outpaced by the rising cost of health insurance, reports this study by the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center.

Keeping Employees Well Means Focusing on Whole Person
This case study describes the costs, benefits and philosophy of a wellness program at Chattanooga College.