Culture-Building Initiatives and Their Business Impact at 10 Diverse Small Firms
A report by SJF Institute shares workplace culture practices that increase engagement and business results at 10 small businesses across the U.S.

Workers Link Company Culture to Organizational Success
A Randstad survey finds that from the employee’s perspective, workplace culture is a critical driver of business success.

Excessive Noise at Work Bad for the Heart
According to a study, constant exposure to a noisy work environment elevates the risk of coronary heart disease.

Aging Workforce, Health Care Top Issues in SHRM Workplace Forecast 2008 
According to SHRM’s latest Workplace Forecast, the increasing prices of health care may prove to be too high for many employers to continue offering these benefits.

Senior Managers Out of Touch with Junior-Level Staff 
Many senior managers are out of touch with their workplace culture, according to Australian-based Keystone Management Services’ recent international study.

Worker Confidence Recovers in July 
The most recent monthly survey by recruitment and talent management services provider Hudson finds worker confidence up after a steep drop earlier this summer.

Drug Use Hits New Low Among U.S. Workers 
A study by Quest Diagnostics finds that over a period of 18 years, positive results in drug tests for amphetamines as well as marijuana have reached a new low among the general U.S. workforce.

Building a Culture of Compliance Key in Senior Management Commitment to Widespread Anti-Corruption 
A study finds that the commitment of senior management leadership and personal convictions are the most important drivers in company decisions to strengthen anti-corruption programs.

Only 16 Percent of Organizations Have Prioritized Workforce Demographic Issues in Company Education Initiatives 
A study reveals that while global organizations recognize the looming workforce demographic shift, far too few have taken action to meet the challenges.

Ethical Corporate Cultures Impact the Ability to Attract, Retain and Ensure Productivity Among U.S. Workers 
Whether a company acts ethically is a significant factor in the average American’s willingness to work for an employer, according to research released by LRN.

Amphetamines Use Declined Significantly Among U.S. Workers in 2005 
A report by Quest Diagnostics finds that positive drug test results for methamphetamine use dropped in 2005 and fell even further in the first five months of 2006.

Good HR Practices Equal Growth for Small Businesses 
According to a Cornell University study, small businesses profit by hiring workers who fit into their company culture, creating a “family-like atmosphere” where employees are trusted to manage themselves.

Work, Entrepreneurship, and Opportunity in 21st Century America 
A report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce finds that in growing numbers, workers are taking advantage of flex time, telecommuting, independent contracting and small business ownership.

Small Businesses and Workplace Fatality Risk: An Exploratory Analysis 
A study by the Kauffman-RAND Center for the Study of Small Business and Regulation finds that small workplaces that are a business’ only location are among the safest places to work.

Hottest job in the world has a bad rep 
A study by Manpower, Inc. finds that 40 percent of employers worldwide are having difficulty filling positions due to lack of suitable talent available in their markets. What position are employers having the hardest time filling? Click the headline to find out.

Management Matters
According to this study from McKinsey and the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics, best-practice management increases productivity, sales, and company growth rates.

The Work Environment Index
This study by the Political Economy Research Institute ranking the best work environments by state shows a correlation between progressive workplace practices and economic growth.

Take This Job and …
According to this Conference Board survey, employee satisfaction has declined across all demographics over the last 10 years.

Linking Organizational Characteristics to Employee Attitudes and Behavior
According to this study from Northwestern University’s Forum for People Management & Measurement, there is a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction and financial performance.

Workplace Violence: Wakefield Responds
According to this Northeastern University study, managers and employees have differing perceptions of security and workplace violence.

SHRM Workplace Privacy Poll
According to this Society for Human Resource Management study, HR professionals are more likely than employees to agree with their organizations’ monitoring policies.

Preparing for the Workforce of Tomorrow
According to this Hewitt study, changing demographics will lead to an older, more diverse workforce in the next five years.

Employee Trust and Organizational Loyalty
According to this survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, HR professionals and employees have slightly different perceptions about the ethics and trustworthiness of their organizations’ leadership.

WorkUSA® 2004: U.S. Workers Cite Hypocrisy and Favoritism — Rather than Financial Misdeeds — As Biggest Ethical Lapses at Work
According to this Watson Wyatt survey of 1,200 U.S. workers, employee commitment has dropped since 2002.

The Entrepreneurial Flame: How to Keep it Burning Brightly in Your Company
This Executive Action report from the Conference Board examines how to maintain the “motivation and enthusiasm of your most creative, entrepreneurial-minded employees” in good times and bad.

2003 Survey on Workplace Dating
The American Management Association reports in its “2003 Survey on Workplace Dating” that few companies have a policy regarding workplace dating and most people are accepting of the practice.

SHRM Fun Work Environment Survey
According to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, more than three-quarters of HR professionals believe that companies which promote a fun work environment are more effective than those that do not, but three-quarters of the respondents say that the level of fun in their organizations is less than it should be.

WorkUSA® 2002 – Weathering the Storm: A Study of Employee Attitudes and Opinions
There is a crisis of trust in American workplaces according to this report based on a survey of 13,000 employees.

2002 Corporate Values Survey
Data for this report was collected from AMA executive and council members and the survey covered such areas as corporate ethics and values and how these are communicated in the workplace and to customers.

Human Capital Index®: Human Capital As a Lead Indicator of Shareholder Value
A follow-up to an earlier Watson Wyatt report, the Human Captial Index provides evidence that there is a direct link between investing in a company’s human capital and the bottom line.

Working in the 21st Century
This interactive and easy-to-use report gives a comprehensive snapshot of American labor force demographics for the next decade.

Meeting Stakeholder Demands: Is There a Relation to Firm Value?
This study looks at the relation between meeting stakeholder demands and a firm’s performance.

The Drivers of Employee Commitment: Tools for Creating a Competitive Workplace
This study offers a strategy for running a successful business predicated on positive people practices and suggests two metrics for measuring commitment and predicting business results, such as anticipated turnover, based on a commitment index.