Better CSR Performance Removes Restraints to Capital
According to a study, corporate social responsibility (CSR) can make it easier for firms to secure financing for new projects.

Executives: Impacting Communities Prime Driver of CSR Programs
A study of executives finds they invest in philanthropic and socially responsible activities primarily to have an impact on what they consider to be “critical issues.”

Twice as Many CEOs Focused on Environmental Issues Compared to Four Years Ago
A CEO study by IBM finds that 18 percent of CEOs are now focusing on environmental issues, double the number from four years ago.

Only 7 Percent of Applicants Have Turned Down Job Offers Due to a Company’s Lack of CSR
A study by Hudson finds conflicting results when it comes to applicants’ and employees’ perceptions of a company’s commitment to CSR.

Globalization Spurs Social Responsibility 
A SHRM CSR pilot study finds that about 80 percent of surveyed businesses in seven countries are developing or have developed some type of strategy or program.

Corporate Contributions on the Rise 
Among other developments, a Conference Board report finds that median corporate U.S. giving rose 14 percent.

Ethical Advocates Can Build Goodwill for Companies 
A special edition of Ipsos Ideas finds that a quarter of Americans fall into a group Ipsos calls “Ethical Advocates,” or active supporters/critics of companies.

Do Stock Markets Reward the Creation of Jobs? 
A study by Switzerland research firm Pictet proposes that job creation should be made the most important indicator of the social responsibility of companies.

Corporations are Becoming More Ethical 
A study published by Baylor University researchers in the Journal of Small Business Management finds that the business world is not going the way of Enron.

Golin Harris Corporate Citizenship Index
According to a Golin Harris survey, corporate citizenship has an influence on consumer habits and can even turn some customers into brand champions.

Calling a Change in the Outsourcing Market
According to this Deloitte survey of senior executives, 70 percent have had “significant negative experiences” with outsourcing initiatives.

The Enron Effect: The American Public’s Hostile Attitudes Toward Top Business Managers
The current wave of corporate scandal has had a detrimental effect on public opinion towards business practices in general and top management compensation specifically.

An Event Study of One Link Between “Good News” and Socially Responsible Investing
According to this article, good people practices are good for the bottom line.

Corporate Governance: Who should be in charge?
This article from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Regional Review explains the issues, debates and controversies surrounding the role of corporate governance in improving firm value.