May 2011 – Winning Workplaces on Life Meets Work

Listen to Life Meets Work President Kyra Cavanaugh’s interview with Winning Workplaces Director of Content Development Mark Harbeke. Taped May 3, 2011.


September 2009 – Winning Workplaces on BlogTalkRadio

Listen to Zane Safrit’s interview with Winning Workplaces Executive Director Mary Corbitt Clark on BlogTalkRadio. Taped September 24, 2009.


May 2008 – PMA’s Imaging Executive Podcast

PMA, a professional trade association for the worldwide photo imaging community, presents this Imaging Executive Podcast on what makes a great workplace. PMA Senior Editor Jennifer Kruger interviews Winning Workplaces Executive Director Mary Corbitt Clark.


May 2007 – Author and Consultant Praveen Gupta on Empowering Employees

In an excerpt from our interview with Praveen Gupta, the author of Business Innovation in the 21st Century explains the differences in buy-in, morale and creativity that result from employee-empowering practices versus simple, top-down management. MP3 runs 53 seconds.

Praveen Gupta Audio

May 2007 – Audio from SJF Ventures’ and Winning Workplaces’ CEO Panel

Listen to audio from the workshops of “Winning Workforces: A CEO Panel on Engaging All Employees to Achieve Success,” held in Atlanta, GA on April 25, 2007.

Note: These MP3s are large – over 40 MB each. Running times are listed after each topic below.

Intro and Keynote Address – 1 hr 2 min
Building a Great Work Culture – 1 hr 25 min
Workforce Engagement Strategies – 1 hr 29 min

April 2007 – Author John Eckberg on the Impact of Small Businesses

In an excerpt from our interview with John Eckberg, the author of The Success Effect discusses the impact of a mom-and-pop gas station/restaurant just outside of Cincinnati, OH called the Monarch Grill. MP3 runs almost 2 minutes.

John Eckberg on the Monarch Grill

March 2007 – Author Christine Arena on the JetBlue Controversy

In an excerpt from our interview with Christine Arena, the author of The High-Purpose Company relates her personal experience as a JetBlue customer during the February 2007 flights cancellation controversy to the airline’s prompt and thorough response. MP3 runs almost 5 minutes.

Christine Arena on JetBlue

March 2006 – Winning Workplaces Radio Interview

Click on the links below to access MP3s of Winning Workplaces Executive Director Mary Corbitt Clark’s interview on “The Business Doctor” radio show on WCPT 850 AM in Chicago. The interview was taped March 12, 2006. Each part is approximately 14 minutes long:

Radio Interview Part 1
Radio Interview Part 2
Radio Interview Part 3