Company Name: The Redwoods Group

Location: Morrisville, NC

Nature of Business: Commercial specialty insurance

Founded: 1997

Revenue: $16.4 million

Number of Employees: 101

Average Tenure: 3 years

The Redwoods Group differs from an average insurance company in many ways. First, this niche insurance provider with 101 employees specializes in cultivating a focus on safety at YMCAs and Jewish Community organizations. Second, since its founding in 1997, the company has operated with a mission of service to others, dedicated to improving the lives of those within the broad communities it serves. The firm believes, and acts on its belief, that business should be a powerful force for positive social change. In 2006-2007, The Redwoods Group contributed over 50 percent of pre-tax profits to nonprofit organizations throughout the world. Employees understand that they are expected to volunteer 40 hours per year, and the company gives them time to do so. The Redwoods Group strives to develop these “committed citizens of the world” through leadership development in community projects. A broad base of generous benefits encourages continued education, health and wellness, and retirement planning, in addition to individual philanthropy and volunteerism. While the business has grown more than 40% in the last two years, Redwoods argues that, in the end, they are not driven by size or profit margin but, rather, to “make a difference.”

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