Company Name: The Paducah Bank & Trust Company, Inc.

Location: Paducah, KY

Nature of Business: Financial services

Founded: 1948

Revenue: $22 million

Number of Employees: 140

Average Tenure: 8.7 years

Locally owned and independent since its founding in 1948, The Paducah Bank & Trust Company is a community centered, full-service financial institution. Nationally recognized for the strong sense of pride and ownership which pervades the organization, their combined ESOP and 401(k) have seen an increase of 912% over ten years. The bank even boasts a retiree with over $1,000,000 in her individual KSOP account! While there is no employee handbook, daily “Owners’ Meetings” keep all associates in the know on current issues, and all 140 employees take a turn leading the discussion, reminding everyone of their shared commitment to each other and to their customers. Despite 2007 being one of the worst years in the history of the banking industry, with many public banks losing 20% to 40% of their stock value, Paducah Bank’s stock value increased in 2007 by 8.2%, and earnings were up 24% this year over 2007, making it a record year for the bank. Credited with transforming the city of Paducah through their progressive revitalization program and support for local entrepreneurs with low-interest, minimal down-payment financing, The Paducah Bank provides remarkable results from its investment in the future of its associates and community.

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