Company Name: “Lundberg Family Farms” (WEHAH Farms, Inc.)

Location: Richvale, CA

Nature of Business: Natural food processing

Founded: 1937

Revenue: $48.9 million

Number of Employees: 195

Average Tenure: 8 years

In 1937, Albert and Frances Lundberg moved their family west, settling in California after experiencing firsthand the ravages of the Dust Bowl. Respect for the land, support for your fellow man and “taking care of the soil” defined their vision, and it is this which has spelled success for Lundberg Family Farms, which has pioneered organic rice farming in America. Now run by the family’s third generation, the farm has expanded upon the brand established in the 1960’s and flourished by nurturing the unique value that each individual brings to the whole. Recognizing that you only get out what you put in, Lundberg takes great care to see that its 195 employees get everything they need to be their best. An on-site wellness committee organizes fitness events and free, fresh produce is available on a daily basis. Tuition for staff is supplemented by the company, and they even reward the good grades of their employees’ children. Lundberg has recently developed a formal strategic planning program to transfer ownership and the company culture to future generations of family members, intent on preserving these timeless values for many more years to come.

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