Company Name: Landscape Forms

Location: Kalamazoo, MI

Nature of Business: Manufacturing

Founded: 1969

Revenue: $55.5 million

Number of Employees: 246

Average Tenure: 7 years

Landscape Forms is a business born out of design, emphasizing product, people and growth, Founded in 1969 by a landscape architect intent on providing stable employment for crews during the snowy Michigan winters, the business has grown into the leading site furniture manufacturer in the world with 246 employees. The team at Landscape Forms has built upon the organizational principles originally developed by Joseph Scanlon from the beginning, focusing heavily on Identity, Participation, Competence and Equity as their touchstones. Along with shared responsibility for efficiency in production, and corresponding shared gains which define such an approach, employee development is a universal goal at Landscape Forms. The more engaged and educated their employees are, the better the business will do. Cross-training and leadership development combine with support for external coursework and personal goal definition in a powerful strategy for success. In always working to make the most out of their staff and their processes, Landscape Forms has doubled in size every six to seven years and rewards its team with hearty benefits and lucrative bonuses.

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