Company Name: Jump Associates, LLC

Location: San Mateo, CA

Nature of Business: Innovation consulting firm

Founded: 1998

Revenue: $8 million

Number of Employees: 48

Average Tenure: 3 years

Since 1998, Jump Associates, a strategy consulting firm, has helped its clients create the new product, service, and business ideas that are the “seeds” of business growth, and cultivate the processes, metrics and culture that make up the “soil” of growth. It’s no surprise, then, that the workplace within Jump is remarkably productive, and “Jumpsters” enjoy a supportive and nurturing environment defined by collaborative learning and innovation. From the initial “On-Ramp” (a master class in design strategy) and company-wide reading list, to comprehensive strength and thinking style assessments and week-long Learning Labs, their 48 associates get everything they need to be successful and to grow professionally. All work at Jump is done in teams of five or so, with a focus on integrating the most senior people with the most junior associates. Coupling this with a renowned workspace design based on internal social networks (producing a collection of “neighborhoods”), work is kept collaborative, dynamic and stimulating – just the thing for the fresh insights and discoveries that have made Jump such a hotbed of innovation.

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