Company Name: JA Frate, Inc.

Location: Crystal Lake, IL

Nature of Business: Trucking/LTL Freight

Founded: 1971

Revenue: $8.7 million

Number of Employees: 85

Average Tenure: 7 years

Short-haul trucking company JA Frate is bucking trends left and right. In an industry known for exhausting hours, high employee turnover and impersonal client relations, this firm with 85 employees is keeping its people on board, informed, empowered and trusted as diplomats for the company. Founded in 1971, JA Frate goes above and beyond in a ferociously competitive industry, where diesel prices have more than doubled over the last three years. The company is known for reliable service and timely deliveries, along with a service guarantee that if the delivery isn’t on time, the customer doesn’t pay. During a downturn in 2002, all employees in this unionized shop agreed to a 10% pay cut,, operations were tightened and everyone who stayed during the downturn received the lost earnings back when business turned around. One employee summed up JA Frate well: “They really stand behind you. They’re not just making a dollar, they’re helping the employee.” With a benefits package that exceeds what is required by the teamsters contract, employees enjoy frequent bonus opportunities, access to great outside education and an employer who is truly there “to work with you.”

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