Company Name: Decagon Devices Inc.

Location: Pullman, WA

Nature of Business: Laboratory analytical instruments

Founded: 1983

Revenue: $8.1 million

Number of Employees: 73

Average Tenure: 4.25 years

Founded in 1983, Decagon’s 73 employees invent, design, manufacture and market precision scientific instruments and sensors for food quality testing and environmental monitoring and research. One of their products has even been sent to Mars as part of NASA’s Phoenix Lander. With superior research and engineering balanced by excellent customer service and support, Decagon’s success rests in the great faith it has in its associates to be resourceful and continually learning. Staff are boldly challenged, encouraged to take risks and learn by doing, thus developing their true capacity over their tenure and embodying the company motto, “Think like scientists, work like farmers, dream like children.” The company is committed to the well-being of employees, providing a solid benefit package and a wellness program that rewards exercise and healthy eating. In championing the humanity of its people, Decagon keeps their welfare in mind while pushing them to produce some of the most innovative products in the industry.

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