Company Name: Restek Corporation

Location: Bellefonte, PA

Nature of Business: Manufacturing

Founded: 1985

Revenue: $41 million

Number of Employees: 270

Average Tenure: 6.3 years

Founded in 1985, Restek was built on that classic vision of treating employees as the company’s primary asset. The group designs, develops, manufactures and services products for the analytical science industries, specifically gas and liquid chromatography, and has achieved revenue growth triple the industry average in recent years. Arguing that their corporate success is directly related to employee motivation and job satisfaction, managers are taught to view themselves as personal and professional coaches to their team. They adhere to the principles of servant leadership and are strongly proactive in helping their staff to construct individual growth plans and further their career. The company’s founder, Paul Silvis, says, “It’s just a happy fest if the environment doesn’t lead to results,” and clients do indeed stand by Restek’s superior product and beyond-excellent customer service. Fantastic insurance packages for their 226 employees, flexible scheduling, ample shared bonuses and a popular ESOP program highlight Restek as one “employee-centric” company that is most certainly getting results.

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