Company Name: Point B Solutions

Location: Seattle, WA

Nature of Business: Professional services

Founded: 1995

Revenue: $60 million

Number of Employees: 340

Average Tenure: 3 years

Success through flexibility may define the approach adopted by Point B Solutions, a premier professional services firm based in Seattle. With consulting focused on project leadership and execution, the company operates without any defined home office, and telecommuting allows associates in seven cities (Seattle; Portland, OR; Denver; Phoenix; San Francisco; Los Angeles and Chicago) to handle local clients with an increased intimacy and familiarity. The balanced work/life structure which defines Point B helps to explain an attrition rate below half the industry average. Just as it passionately seeks novel solutions for its clients’ most demanding situations, so does it ask each of its 335 staff to “define their own Point B.” It’s a task which would seem daunting to many: carving out their own job description and charting out their year from a professional and personal perspective. But as one employee puts it, “I wanted to define what my life looked like, and they’ve allowed for that.” The company has filled all leadership roles from within, each new office has been opened by a Point B associate and employees continue to applaud their dedication to the Point B “sustainable lifestyle.”

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