Company Name: Phelps County Bank

Location: Rolla, MO

Nature of Business: Local bank

Founded: 1963

Revenue: $3.2 million

Number of Employees: 85

Average Tenure: 13.5 years

The local bank used to be a cornerstone in community relations. Before cash machines, online checking and global outsourcing, your bank was as familiar as the local grocery, and your banker knew you and your family like an old friend. Walking into Phelps County Bank today, you’re going to understand what quality banking can still represent, and what employee ownership can mean to a community. Founded in 1963, this establishment is now one of only two banks in the country which are completely employee owned. Bonuses representing 5% – 20% of salary and lucrative ESOP options of 20% – 30% of salary explain why this team of 90 bank employee-owners claims the longest average tenure among our Top Small Workplaces. Better business is a shared goal, and the bank supports exceptional training for all new hires and paid coursework for continued education. Ownership is at the core here, and it is this which has grown the bank despite new competition and lean times. Clients and employees relish the comfortable atmosphere and pervasive attention to quality work.

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