Company Name: NRG Systems Inc.

Location: Hinesburg, VT

Nature of Business: Wind energy solutions provider

Founded: 1982

Revenue: $29 million

Number of Employees: 81

Average Tenure: 5 years

Renewable resources have become a hot topic in the press these days, but David and Jan Blittersdorf have been hip to wind energy solutions for 25 years now. From its origins as a two-person shop in a rented Bristol home, David and his wife Jan have seen NRG Systems Inc. become the only company in the industry to manufacture and sell complete wind assessment systems, now shipping products to more than 110 countries and every continent. Wind energy has become the world’s fastest-growing renewable energy source, and NRG Systems Inc. has enjoyed consistent double-digit sales growth over recent years. Careful recruiting has allowed staff numbers to increase 50% since 2004 while preserving a solid benefits package and close-knit company culture. On top of a profit-sharing program providing income up to 35% above their base pay, the 63 NRG employees take advantage of non-traditional cash incentives which allow each employee up to $2,300 per year for selecting sustainable lifestyle options.

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