Company Name: Guerra DeBerry Coody

Location: San Antonio, TX

Nature of Business: Advertising, marketing, public relations

Founded: 1995

Revenue: $51 million

Number of Employees: 61

Average Tenure: 4 years

Since its inception in 1995, Guerra DeBerry Coody (GDC) has fought for the working family while securing premier clients in both the U.S. and Mexico. With steady growth over the years in advertising, marketing, and public relations, this full-service firm has pioneered the shape of the family-friendly workplace. When the state of Texas challenged the company’s efforts to continue on-site childcare for their employees, parents and partners successfully lobbied the state to have laws changed allowing every small business in the state the same opportunity. Whereas the atmosphere in business may have once been cold to any mention of children, GDC is a gleaming example of how profitability and success need not come at the expense of people as both professionals and parents. Family culture is at the very core here, and its 57 employees consider their on-site, parent-driven and partner-supported childcare program fundamental to the nature of the organization as a whole. With 100 percent paid maternity and paternity leave, transportation reimbursement and emergency employee loans, team members “go home happy and come in to work happy.” Open book finances and a health and wellness program for “Mind, Body and Soul” support the notion that the group is all in it together, functioning as a high quality outfit, and yes, one big family.

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