Company Name: Gentle Giant Moving Company

Location: Somerville, MA

Nature of Business: Moving and storage

Founded: 1980

Revenue: $25 million

Number of Employees: 246

Average Tenure: 5 years

It began in 1980 with an ad in the Boston Phoenix, a borrowed truck and healthy dose of gusto. With much dust and sweat, a lot of laughs and more than a few precarious stairwells to follow, Gentle Giant Moving is now one of the premier moving and storage companies on the East Coast, conducting over 12,000 moves each year with 250 employees. Founder Larry O’Toole reasons the core of such success rests with the respect and compassion nourished throughout the company’s culture, confident that his employees will in turn pass on such attention to clients. With 25% in new revenues between 2004 and 2007, and 80% of all business derived from repeat clients and referrals, one can indeed infer that Gentle Giant’s formula works. Staff are expected to make billing decisions even at the lower levels, all with the end goal of minimalizing the trauma of moving. Employees enjoy a solid benefits package, including a formal mentoring program and a generous 401K plan, and most participate in events organized through the company’s own community development foundation.

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