Company Name: Exactech

Location: Gainesville, FL

Nature of Business: Orthopaedic implant devices

Founded: 1985

Revenue: $102 million

Number of Employees: 261

Average Tenure: 4 years

Exactech has grown a lot since it began in 1985 with initially just a single warehouse bay for production of orthopaedic implant devices. The company went public in 1997 (our only publicly traded finalist) and now operates with 241 employees inside its own Gainesville facility, with global sales and huge revenues. The company continues to respond quickly to customers and remains nimble in the market even with their rapid growth. Great care is given to preserve this quality of service made in hand with efforts to preserve their people-first, non-hierarchical culture. When faced with a particularly stiff period of production constraints, the company committed itself to “no layoffs.” Each team came forth with innovative means of reducing expenses, leadership agreed to forfeit predicted salary increases to provide funds for rewarding the hard work of employees, and subsequent revenues regained the confidence of analysts and ensured strong employee profit-shares. There’s a sentiment described by all the employees we spoke with here, fundamentally that “every person counts.”

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