Company Name: Cowden Associates, Inc.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Nature of Business: Business consulting services

Founded: 1986

Revenue: $4.3 million

Number of Employees: 27

Average Tenure: 8.6 years

The staff at Cowden Associates approach their consulting with a high degree of pride and ownership, and their passion has clients openly commending them as partners in delivering solid results. In providing quality consulting services to meet the compensation, health and benefits, retirement, actuarial and technological needs of their clients since 1986, independence and the use of bottom-up strategic planning define this firm’s approach. Younger staff are paired with mentors and incorporated directly in client planning. Almost all of the 27 employees attend each of the monthly two-hour training sessions on industry topics, and many employees take advantage of the company’s support through financing and flexible scheduling for further professional development. Employees with family rave about their flextime options, and, as one employee puts it, “above all, it’s about autonomy and respect.”

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