Company Name: Corporate Ink

Location: Newton, MA

Nature of Business: Public relations

Founded: 1989

Revenue: $1.5 million

Number of Employees: 12

Average Tenure: 5.4 years

Specializing in quickly-growing tech businesses, Corporate Ink is a public relations firm made “boutique by design”– intimate, focused, agile and distinctive. That’s the name of the game here, and a dedication to staff development and engagement has ensured that they remain one of the hottest PR teams in the Boston area. In a period of downturn when many PR companies were cutting staff size by half, each of their 12 employees were retained, involved even further in company vitals and expected to identify new options for acquiring skills and experience in terms of winning new business. Roles are designed to match employee strengths and individuals are given authority to make decisions from where they stand. There’s much exposure of junior staff to executive players, and employees admit they’re involved in “more financial decisions than most agencies’ managers ever see.” Hiring and orientation involves the entire team’s participation, so it’s always a right fit. Selective acquisition of clients and clearly defined, groupidentified goals assure projects which are always engaging and a staff which is always pushing itself.

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