Company Name: Barclay Water Management, Inc.

Location: Watertown, MA

Nature of Business: Water treatment

Founded: 1932

Revenue: $13.4 million

Number of Employees: 89

Average Tenure: 9 years

Almost 80 years ago, engineer Stanton D. Barclay and his brothers established a firm which would pride itself on unparalleled service and the value of investing in employees. These days, Barclay Water Management is the largest employee-owned firm in the water treatment industry, employing the single largest team of female engineers, boasting the lowest associate turnover rate among major firms, and maintaining a pool of clients which have stayed loyal for decades. Described as a “true democracy,” each of their 82 employee-owners has a vote in company matters large and small, and all are taught to read the company’s financials. Facing new pressures from General Electric’s entrance in the field, associates collectively decided to forego profitability for several years while making investments toward ensuring competitive facilities and staff. Today the decision is paying out in impressive revenue growth. Associates applaud Barclay’s upbeat environment and family-firm atmosphere, where the phonebook is organized by first name and employees swear that the president knows every one of them. An old-line company with timeless values, Barclay continues to impress clients with their solid culture of involved employee-owners.

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