Honored Leader: Colin Angle, CEO

Company Name: iRobot, Corp.

Location: Burlington, Mass.

Nature of Business: Robotics manufacturer

Founded: 1990

Revenue: $90 million

Growth Rate (2004): 62 percent

Number of Employees: 160

Average Tenure: 2 years

iRobot Corp. is a 15-year-old manufacturer of robotics. While the company’s business is machines, under the leadership of CEO Colin Angle, the organization has shown it understands the value of talented human capital. iRobot is a place where innovation, purpose, and passion are abundant. The firm has worked to create a culture of cooperation, integrity, and openness: employees have the opportunity to review their bosses and anyone can suggest a new product. In fact, Roomba, a robotic floor vacuum and the company’s most popular product, was the result of an employee suggestion. Near employees’ cubicles is a common area with couches, encouraging employees to converse freely when needing help, encouragement, and inspiration. After years of struggling to find a product that would take hold, the firm has recently enjoyed a high-growth period that saw them go from just under $15 million in sales and 100 employees in 2002, to more than $90 million in sales and 160 employees in 2004.

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