1GJ05_New_Logo_CLRHonored Leader: Brian Scudamore, CEO

Company Name: 1-800-GOT-JUNK

Location: Vancouver, BC

Nature of Business: Junk removal service

Founded: 1989

Revenue: $6.4 million

Growth Rate (2004): 77 percent

Number of Employees: 76

Average Tenure: Not available

The employees of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, a 16-year-old junk-removal franchiser, hold CEO Brian Scudamore in high esteem for his ability to inject the 3 Ps (Passion, Productivity, and Partying) into all systems and events at corporate headquarters, The Junktion. He sustains passion through daily huddles with everyone in the company and by personalizing employee involvement. Scudamore treats each of his 76 employees to an annual private lunch and challenges every employee to accomplish at least one of the 101 personal “life dreams” that he encourages them to establish for themselves. They track productivity through a weekly goal-setting and review process, and understand that financial success necessitates teamwork. Scudamore distributes 25 percent of profits company-wide at year end and creates an open-book culture with company-wide finance meetings during which employees continually offer new ways to cut costs.

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