Winners Announced Today in The Wall Street Journal

New York, NY, October 13, 2008 –The Wall Street Journal announces the Top Small Workplaces, the second annual list of the best small workplaces in the U.S. The Journal Report on Small Businesses features the 15 winners in today’s print and online editions.

The Top Small Workplaces list, compiled in partnership with Winning Workplaces, a nonprofit whose mission is to help small and midsize organizations create better workplaces, showcases exceptional employers, including private, nonprofit and publicly held organizations that have built workplace environments that foster teamwork, flexibility, and professional growth while providing an atmosphere and benefits that encourage employee loyalty.

“These small businesses are leading innovators and role models for larger companies,” said Larry Rout, editor of the Journal Reports, The Wall Street Journal. “At a time when most employers are cutting back on employee benefits it is important to recognize those organizations that are creating environments that encourage productive behavior and expanding programs to keep employees happy.”

“The Top Small Workplaces have been in business an average of 42 years and have demonstrated that they can survive difficult economic times,” said Ken Lehman, Winning Workplaces’ founder and board chair. “By building strong cultures and gaining employee commitment to the success of the business, these organizations have thrived in good times and weathered bad ones. It is at times like these, with our nation facing almost unprecedented financial and economic challenges, that the real mettle of a strong workplace is demonstrated.”

The Journal and Winning Workplaces began accepting nominations last fall, receiving 406 applicants, which were pared down to 35 finalists. A national panel of small business experts chosen by the Journal and Winning Workplaces judged the finalists based on specific metrics and qualitative assessments of their success in creating workplaces that nurture, challenge and reward employees.


The 2008 Top Small Workplace winners include the following:

As part of its continuing coverage of this year’s Top Small Workplaces, the Journal will be interviewing leaders of the winning companies every week on “Independent Street,”’s small business blog (

The Journal and Winning Workplaces also announced today they are now seeking nominations for the 2009 Top Small Workplaces list, to be featured in a Journal Report next fall.

To read the 2008 Top Small Workplaces report or to fill out a 2009 nomination form, please go to

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Winning Workplaces  is an Evanston, IL-based non-profit, whose mission is to help the leaders of small and midsize organizations create great workplaces. Founded in 2001, Winning Workplaces serves as a clearinghouse of information on workplace best practices via a website and a monthly e-newsletter; provides seminars and workshops on workplace-related topics; and, helps organizations assess their workplaces through employee surveys and other feedback tools.