rackspaceHonored Leader: Graham Weston, Chairman and CEO

Company Name: Rackspace Managed Hosting

Location: San Antonio, Tex.

Nature of Business: Managed hosting solutions specialist

Founded: 1998

Revenue: $139 million

Growth Rate (2005): 60 percent

Number of Employees: 1,000

Rackspace executives, under the direction of Graham Weston, are committed to the ongoing development of their 1,000+ employees, or “Rackers,” at all levels of the company. Rackspace manages enterprises’ Web applications providing the network infrastructure, hardware, power and other IT elements.�Executives believe education and training is a key element in building a passionate workforce, and instituted Rackspace University in 2004 to provide technical, professional and personal development training throughout Rackers’ careers. Rackspace has carved out a niche in the ever-competitive technology industry by placing great value in customer service, which the company refers to as “Fanatical Support,” and openly engaging employees in improving it. Under Weston’s leadership, the organization has devised some truly unique employee recognition programs. Managers have access to Weston’s convertible “Racker BMW” to reward employees when they over-perform and, in turn, they can reward their staff with a weekend stay at his Texas river home. In addition, each quarter one Racker is rewarded with the “Fanatical Straightjacket Award” and is strapped into the straightjacket for a photo that is then added to the coveted “Straightjacket Wall of Fame.”

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