Richard Iron CloudDean of Students at Little Wound High School

    Richard Iron Cloud PhD (ABD) is a Greenleaf Scholar award winner, Bush Fellowship award winner and Cohort 1 Native Nations Rebuilder. He is also the 22nd graduate of the Lakota Leadership and Management Program. Richard is the Dean of Students at Little Wound High School. He received his BA in Sociology from Fort Lewis College in Durango CO and his MA in Lakota Leadership from Oglala Lakota College. He is currently working on his doctorate in Psychology from Walden University. His eclectic career has been mostly in education and the human services. He is a volunteer Peace Maker for the Oglala Sioux Tribal Court System. On a personal level, he resides in Porcupine SD, he has been married to his hasani, Arlene for 32 years, they have four grown children.