Luis Duran-AparicioInstructor

    Luis has worked with Ann McGee-Cooper (who was mentored by Robert K Greenleaf) and Duane Trammell as Presenter, Director of Client Services, Project Manager, and Technology Specialist for TMCA, Inc. TMCA is a leadership and talent development firm based in Dallas, Texas. With three decades of experience, they are creating organizations where people are happier, committed, and more productive.

    Luis is an entrepreneur and has an ample spectrum of experience. He has been an ESL instructor, Spanish tutor, HIV educator, Yoga Instructor, statesman, and currently writes for a financial newsletter and speaks internationally on the subjects of servant leadership, free market, parenting, and more.

    He is known for his skills in public speaking, consulting, and spiritual exploration. Has done seminars and coaching on servant leadership for many years, most times with Forbes 500 companies, illustrating how we can operate at a higher level as humans in general, care for all stakeholders, be more productive, and happier.

    Luis enjoys outdoor activities such as kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, swimming, camping, traveling, and shooting. He is a huge fan of big cities and the ocean.

    Luis studied philosophy at Universidad La Salle in Mexico City and World Religions and Theology at Southwestern Community College.