Greg Tutunjian[email protected]

    Greg Tutunjian is a leadership and performance coach specializing in team-centric innovative technology outcomes.  Mr. Tutunjian is a former software and systems engineer, technical program manager and director, and now advisor to organizations ranging from small and medium-sized software product and service companies to Fortune 10 multinationals.  In his technical roles, he developed and delivered market differentiating products and solutions.  In his leadership roles, he replanned and delivered complex enterprise solutions while facilitating the adoption of experience-informed learning and improvement practices for individuals, teams and leadership.  In his coaching capacity, he teams with individuals at all levels to tailor culturally-appropriate frameworks, principles, practices and tools to ensure a healthy and life-affirming workplace capable of delivering increasingly predictive and successful outcomes.

    Greg is a longtime Agile practitioner who believes that helping individuals experience the effectiveness of servant-leadership in the workplace results in a strategic step forward in personal and professional development.  In addition to working side by side with technical teams, Greg works with leadership and middle management to promote the adoption of servant-leadership and other people-centric principles and practices to ensure the establishment and continuity of a people-first culture.  He is a sought out coach and advisor for complex, challenged programs, product initiatives and service delivery.

    Greg is based in Massachusetts and can be contacted at [email protected] or 617-320-7660.