Anthony Lynch

    Anthony Lynch is an executive coach and advisor who helps leaders to flourish and grow, resulting in them achieving their goals and causing others to follow them.

    His 35+ years of work experience have seen him participate in the launch of wireless companies across 4 continents, implement large scale technology solutions, create a shared services division in a multi-billion-dollar international public company, develop customer experience strategies, research employee engagement, etc. He has held executive positions in organizations ranging from 50 to 400,000 employees and been responsible for up to $200M in annual revenue.

    With over a hundred projects behind him he observed that changing technology and processes have sub-optimal impact unless people are willing, and commit to, changing their habits. He also met many unhappy people, frustrated by their leaders’ lack of leadership.  These learnings have caused him to study leadership and change over the last decade. He has immersed himself in the teaching of leading lights such as Dr Richard Boyatzis, Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence pioneers), Patrick Lencioni, Robert Greenleaf, and Dr Tim Irwin to name a few. Fusing this thought leadership with his own career experience of improving client operations across industries and geographies, he is able to bring the best out of leaders and create a foundation for “sustainable” success.

    He was born and educated in the UK, graduating from the University of London with a B.Sc. in Engineering. His career caused him to relocate to Atlanta in 1989 where he met wife Kelly. They are parents to 3 children and reside in North Atlanta. He enjoys meeting people both professionally and socially, and his hobbies include learning, reading, cycling, golf and watching soccer and football.