My Reflections on Greenleaf 25: Cheryl’s Grace

If you weren’t at the conference, imagine this. You’ve been working all week hosting 600 of your colleagues for a huge culture committee event. You committed back in June to come out to speak at the Greenleaf Conference the very next day, that day being a Saturday. You arrive, you are mic’d and ready to take the stage. Your audience is ready to hear what you say because you and your company live the values that have brought them to Grapevine, Texas. You are introduced, take the stage and begin to speak.   Just about the same time, the music swells and cheers erupt from the ballroom next door. The joyful noise of our neighbors continue at different decibels throughout the 30 minutes you are on stage.


  • Would you have been distracted?
  • Would you stop and refuse to go forward?
  • Or, would you have done what Cheryl Hughey, EVP of at Southwest airlines did, continue on with a compelling message about how the Warrior’s Spirit, a Fun Loving Attitude and a Servant’s Heart fuels SouthWest Airlines every day.


Cheryl’s message was such a gift but, I think, the bigger gift she shared was to show us in real-time what living your values every day, in every circumstance looks like.

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