Key Practices of Servant Leadership



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Facilitated by Jeff Miller

Tuition $465.00 (All required course texts at registrants expense, can be purchased here)

This course examines what makes a servant-leader effective, including strategies and practical application.


To receive a Certificate in “Key Practices of Servant Leadership”, the participant must:

  • Complete a course about listening and developing colleagues
  • Write a short reflection for the course displaying understanding of how servant leadership is and can be practiced
  • Undertake a project that incorporates listening skills or survey instruments
  • Contribute to class discussions and participating in four (4) 90-minute sessions with facilitators and other participants*

*NOTE: Participants may make up one (1) missed group discussion. Participants who miss more than one group discussion are not eligible to receive a course completion certificate.

COURSE READINGS: Required Reading: (All required course texts at registrants expense, can be purchased here)

Merwyn Hayes & Michael Comer, Start with Humility (Greenleaf Center, 2010)

Don Frick and Sipe, Seven Pillars (Paulist Press, 2009)

Isabel Lopez, The Wisdom of Servant Leadership (2012)

Daniel H. Kim, Foresight as the Central Ethic of Leadership (Greenleaf Center, 2002)

Jamie Showkeir & Maren Showkeir, Authentic Conversations: Moving from Manipulation to Truth and Commitment(Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2008)


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