A Novice’s Journey: Where does wisdom come from?

Aristotle said, “Knowing Yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”.

My friend, Isabel, says “Knowing Self + Faith = Wisdom.”

Knowing self is also a cornerstone theme in Greenleaf’s writings especially as he challenges us with these words: “it is terribly important that one know, both about himself and about others, whether the net effect of one’s influence on others enriches, is neutral, or diminishes and depletes.”

Now, intellect has a role to play but it starts with knowing yourself.

As discussed in the King of the Forest blog, knowing yourself takes a fair bit of courage. There is no shortage of assessments to shed light on the fundamental nature of who we are. How do we take that next step to understand the net effect we have on each other?  In a word, relationship!

Authentic relationships require trust. Trust comes from understanding and valuing each other’s stories.

Stories reveal:

  • our hopes and dreams.
  • our triumphs and failings.
  • our fears and frustrations.

When we freely share our stories, we build relationships and grow through listening.

Who do you consider to be truly wise? Why do they hold that distinction? Could it be that you could listen to their stories and never tire? Do they generously share the good and the bad that formed their life experience? How do they seek?

Together in the journey,








by Pat Falotico

Chief Executive Officer

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