A Novice’s Journey: Greenleaf and Love

On a day when love is held up as that sacred bond that forges one to another, let’s examine the meaning of the word according to Robert Greenleaf.

“Love is an undefinable term, and its manifestations are both
subtle and infinite. But it begins, I believe, with one absolute condition:
unlimited liability! As soon as one’s liability for another is
qualified to any degree, love is diminished by that much.”

Our business life is filled with limits on our liability. Contracts establish clear limits and there is a complete class of corporations defined as Limited Liability (LLC). At the end of the day, it is “Good Business” to protect firms from risks that can arise in the normal course of delivering their products and services. Greenleaf, however, reminds us, in the human services business, that care and love must know no limits.

He spoke of community in terms of the relationship within which we render care one to another. This is where love is found.

Examine where love is found in your communities, be they at work, home, where you worship or volunteer.
– Is there a limit on your love?
– Do those you serve need to measure up against a bar in order to earn your love?
– How are differences valued?

Let us build ULCs, Unlimited Liability Communities, where love promotes growth and wellbeing of all members.

Happy Valentine’s Day


With you on the Journey,

Pat Falotico


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