Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership Journey Online®


Greenleaf’s servant leadership journey online® is an online learning experience which allows individuals to progress on the servant leadership learning path at their own pace. The course is built on Jubi’s* robust learning platform and engages participants to learn, practice and reflect on the purpose and principles of servant leadership. Topics include: self-awareness, empathy, foresight, listening, feedback, coaching and persuasion.  Through the journey, students are encouraged to reflect on how their behavior enables the growth of those they serve. Badges are earned as the participants progress. The Greenleaf Center awards those who complete the course with a certificate of achievement.

My leadership team and I just completed Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership Journey Online® and four discussion forums facilitated by the Greenleaf Center. The online portion of the program allowed us to learn about the concepts, complete exercises to ensure we could apply them and then the space to reflect on the impact they would have in our company. Adding the video conference element gave us the opportunity to grow together and learn from each other. While we have ended the formal training, we are committed to ongoing practice to imbed servant leadership in our culture. – Frank Dalton, Disagro CEO

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