Greenleaf Center For Servant Leadership Welcomes New Board Member Bruce Byington

Byington Bruce1 copyBruce Byington

Executive Vice President – Americas Region


Bruce has been with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) since 1991 and currently serves as Executive Vice President (EVP) of the Americas Region. Prior to being named EVP, he served as a senior faculty member working with a diverse array of clients from around the globe and from a variety of industries. He served as the Colorado Springs Campus Director for eight years and directed the administrative functions for that Campus for another eight years. In addition to his campus-based duties, Bruce has served as Director of Corporate Resources for the center, addressing such issues as the development of a center-wide faculty capacity planning model. He also chaired the Center’s Operating Committee for two years. In these roles, Bruce has been responsible for such diverse activities as overseeing the construction of the campus facilities; developing financial and operating systems; and leading the development of training tools such as the Peak Selection Simulation used in the Leadership at the Peak program and the manufacturing and service industry simulations used in the Leading Strategically (LS) program. Bruce uses his particular area of interest and expertise in strategic leadership to train the LS program concentrating on strategy process interventions. Over his career, he has led strategic facilitation sessions for a number of organizations focusing on such topics as external trends, industry structure analysis, internal capability audits, financial and portfolio analyses, strategy formulation, change leadership, and organizational development.

Prior to joining CCL, Bruce worked in a variety of positions in his career including 13 years in the energy industry working for three Fortune 500 companies in positions ranging from engineering to leading the corporate planning and development department in one organization, to general management of a major strategic business unit, and three years in the food processing industry as vice president of administration.

Current Role

As Executive Vice President of the Americas Region, Bruce is responsible for all CCL Global Markets operations in North and South America. These operations are tasked with meeting the needs of all clients within the Region and delivering results that matter – sustained impact at the individual and organizational level.

Educational Background

Bruce received a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an M.B.A. from the University of Houston.

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