Dreaming is for everyone: What makes a dream great is doing what you love for a living.

“Not much happens without a dream. And for something great to happen, there must be a great dream.”

Robert K. Greenleaf said this in one of his most famous books, The Servant as Leader. Sadly, how many people truly still believe in their dreams? How many people have dumbed down their dreams because they think it’s too great to ever come true? Even sadder than those thoughts, how many people were never allowed to dream?

These thoughts all bring me to one central question: When did not having great dreams become normal? Was it when we failed at accomplishing one of our objectives, so we never tried again? Was it when our friends told us that we are crazy for believing that we could do such a great thing and after numerous amounts of peer pressure we finally give in? Is it the fear of failing at something so great scares us out of every dreaming again, so we live a comfortable life, far from any real let downs but also far from any real chances?

Now granted, I completely understand that some of us have life responsibilities that we have to meet, so we cannot just chase our dreams all the time. But, I believe that there is a way for everyone to realize their dreams in one shape or form.

I believe there is an institution that fosters great dreams and dreamers better than any of the others; College. I go to Georgia State University and in my young years on earth, I don’t know of any place where I hear more great dreams than on college campuses.

I hear of students who want to open up startups designed to get medical care to poverty struck areas of Africa. I hear of students that want to be teachers in science and engineering in high schools that are predominately black and Hispanic in order to diversify the workforce in those fields. I also here of students who just want to graduate college and become the first person in their family to do so.

We get the thoughts of what is a great dream mixed up. A great dream is not great because it is big in size. My friend Tammy wants to be Counselor that works with teens who faced tragedies. My friend Rashad wants to be an ESPN reporter. I want to start the biggest marketing firm in the world. We all have different dreams in terms of money and fame, but that’s not what makes a dream great. What makes a dream great is doing what you love for a living.

I do not know when we start to giving up on our great dreams, but I think we need to get back to believing in great dreams again.








By: Michael S. Gaither III

Marketing Specialist for The Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership

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All quotes used are from the book, The Servant as Leader.


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