If You Don’t Care, They Won’t Care.

The most important single driver of employee engagement is whether or not employees feel that their leaders, at every level, really care about them. So how do you create a caring mindset in your organization’s leaders?

One idea is to adopt servant leadership principles to balance and when appropriate, replace, the traditional command-and-control model.

Servant leaders see their role as helping others succeed. They listen more, share decision-making, rely on persuasion, and go out of their way to recognize the work of others. To get your organization’s leaders to buy into servant leadership, you need to build the business case—starting with the fact that “servant-led” companies outperform their competition on a wide variety of metrics. Don’t expect every leader to buy in right away, but if you keep pushing the rock, you’ll see amazing results.







By: Joe Patrnchak

Author of: The Engaged Enterprise: A Field Guide for the Servant-Leader

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