PODCAST: Servant Leadership Sessions #6

Ari Weinzweig serves as CEO and is co-founder of Zingerman’s Community of Businesses in Ann Arbor, Michigan that began 32 years ago with Zingerman’s Delicatessen. Additionally, he has authored three books in the Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading. In this podcast we explore the leadership journey Ari and his Zingerman’s colleagues have traveled in 32 years of business. Ari believes that servant leadership is “very strong stuff” and if you “really live it, Servant Leadership changes everything.”

Ari is a serious student of Robert K. Greenleaf and has a great chapter on Servant Leadership entitled, A Recipe for Servant Leadership. We discuss how Zingerman’s not only adopted Servant Leadership, they also adapted it to fit their environment which has shaped their environment. Zingerman’s has 3 Steps to Great Service — Servant Leadership Style and 5 Steps to Handling a Complaint, Servant Leadership Style. Remember, Servant Leadership changes everything. We hope you enjoy this Servant Leadership Session.

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