A Message from Our CEO – May 2015

Dear friends,Pat Falotico

Over this past month, I have had the great fortune to meet with groups who are starting or in the midst of their servant leadership journey.   While we have covered a great deal of material in a condensed period of time, I have left each conversation with the same thought: we are all on this journey together.  There are times when my experiences have served others but more often the members of each group serve each other and me with their stories, reflections and openness. Isn’t that the essence of being a servant-leader?


It’s not about organizational power; it’s about the willingness and desire to serve others and watch them grow. At the end of each session, I have asked each member of our groups to reflect on how those they serve grow as persons through their service?  The answers usually include:
  • They feel valued and listened to.
  • Their confidence increases.
  • They use newly acquired knowledge.
  • They embraces failure as a learning opportunity
  • They trust.
  • They feel secure.
  • They know how to get “stuff” done.
When I ask them what role they play in that growth, their answers boil down to one thing:  “I truly care!”
Don’t we all want to be in an environment where true growth occurs in the rich soil, fortified by the care and nurturing of a servant-leader?  Be one and let others follow your example.

In the Spirit,

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