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Pat Falotico

Greetings friends!

I have just returned from a short break with my family at the “Happiest place on Earth”. While spring break at Walt Disney World is hardly restful and relaxing, it gave me a great opportunity to recharge!

I recently came across an article on Quantum Workplace. In the piece, the author presents compelling evidence about the importance of vacations for the engaged employee. Sure, the employee who toils away tirelessly on the job is lovingly committed to the organization and their work. Yet, their pace is not sustainable.

The article presents the benefits of productivity, reduced stress and creativity for employees who take their vacation. So, why don’t we take our days off? Why, as leaders, don’t we insist that our employees escape from the “hustle bustle” of everyday work? Deadlines, critical client needs, unexpected urgent situations are real and need to be addressed. Does handling them really require that we skip vacation or, more likely, step away from the office only to attend conference calls and correspond via e-mail. I have not always guarded my personal time too well. I have, at time, sent emails to obtain a vital piece of information that ONLY my vacationing teammate possessed.

With careful planning and reliable alternative strategies, I believe that we can do better. If the well-researched article as referenced is to be believed, take a break. It will pay dividends!

In the Spirit,

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